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Mechadyne researches and develops advanced valvetrain systems for internal combustion engines.
Our proven cost-effective technologies use Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) to produce greener, more efficient engines. Click here for more company information

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PICTURE: A variable lift and duration - VLD - upper rocker, a twin-output cam phaser, and an assembled single cam phaser - SCP - camshaft

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Upgrade Path

PICTURE: Shows the upgrade path with a standard finger follower system going to adjacent lobe phasing using an SCP camshaft and then to VLD - our variable lift system.

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CO2 and Global Warming

Our comments on the CO2 debate, its relevance to the transport sector and how VVA is key to the future automotive technology mix for reducing CO2 emissions CO2 and global warming

Our Business

Mechadyne is a technology licensing company, granting licences to automotive manufacturers to use our patented systems. Business info


Our VVA systems have a potential market of $1.5 billion a year. Market info


VVA is key to meeting future emissions legislation.
Our green technologies reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. Emissions info

What is VVA and Why Do You Need it ?

All internal combustion engines use valves to control the flow of gasses into and out of the combustion chamber.  The precise timing, duration and extent to which these valves open significantly affects all aspects of engine performance - from power and torque to fuel economy and emissions.

With fixed valve events, it is impossible to optimise an engine's performance over the complete range of operating conditions without significant compromise.   Variable Valve Actuation removes this constraint by allowing us to change the valve event to give optimum performance whenever it is required.

Latest News:

KSPG announces the acquisition of Mechadyne

September 2012

KSPG AG of Neckarsulm, Germany has taken over complete control of the British company Mechadyne International Limited of Kirtlington in Oxfordshire. As member of the Rheinmetall group, KSPG intends to integrate Mechadyne into the Valvetrain Systems unit of its subsidiary Pierburg GmbH, while maintaining Mechadyne’s well-established brand name. Mechadyne was founded in 1984 as an independent development company serving the automotive industry; for the past twenty years it has focused on technologies for reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency in internal combustion engines. Today Mechadyne is focusing it’s activities on the company’s expertise in variable valve control.

With the buyout Pierburg GmbH has strengthened its portfolio in the field of cost efficient methods for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Pierburg now possesses an expanded range of mechanical valvedrives and systems for reducing pollution and cutting fuel consumption that can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines.

In 2010 Pierburg purchased the rights to the ‘UniValve’ variable valve system from enTec Consulting GmbH, presently readying it for series production on behalf of a number of customers. Pierburg regards the valve control system developed by Mechadyne and already partially produced under license as an ideal completion of its UniValve technology with applications for small-and medium-sized vehicles as well as the truck segment. Moreover, this cost efficient design will make it possible to attract new groups of customers. Located near Oxford, Mechadyne holds numerous patents. It employs various current development tools, offering its customers a comprehensive array of services in the development and application of contemporary fuel-saving solutions and performance-enhancing engine technology.

Mahle Concentric Cam Video

December 2011

Mahle have produced this excellent video on how a concentric cam can be used with a downsized and turbocharged engine to improve performance and fuel economy.   The strategy shown uses adjacent lobe phasing to vary effective valve opening duration.

Mechadyne Wins Large OEM Prototype Order

July 2011

Mechadyne is pleased to have been selected as the valvetrain partner for a new OEM project that will look into the benefits of using our variable lift system, VLD in both its gasoline and diesel engine product lines.  This is an exciting opportunity for Mechadyne and our largest single order to date.

Engine Technology International Article - Concentric Camshafts

June 2011

Engine technology international have just published an article that discusses the future potential of concentric camshafts. The article also includes a short piece by Ian Methley on the world's greatest valvetrain.Read Article

DIVA Project Confirmed

May 2011

Mechadyne is proud to have been selected as the valvetrain supplier for the ANR funded DIVAS project that will be run in conjunction with Renault and IFPen. The project will look at an innovative new method for reducing CO2 emissions in diesel engines by using a variable secondary valve lift to promote scavenging.  This approach, akin to what has been acheived with gasoline engines, yields increased output and potential for either a significant engine downsize or downspeed.

Mechadyne Joins the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

March 2011

Mechadyne is proud to become a member of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership is an action and advisory group, established in 2003 to take a lead in accelerating the shift to low carbon vehicles and fuels in the UK.Visit the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

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