For Light Duty & Medium and Heavy Duty Engines


Continuously variable valve lift

Our FlexValve system is ideal for advanced combustion strategies.

  • Internal EGR- Re-open the intake or exhaust valves to generate internal Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation.
  • Advanced compression ignition combustion systems – Control the complex pressure-temperature-time history within the combustion chamber to enable and extend low temperature combustion operation.
  • Throttle-less operation in gasoline engines- Control intake valve lift, remove the throttle and improve part-load fuel economy from reduced pumping losses. Furthermore, control intake valve duration for improved performance.
  • Secondary valve lift- This is the only cam summing system patented to use controlled secondary valve lifts.

How our variable valve lift system works

FlexValve uses a rocker system to sum the lifts from the two cam profiles.  If we change the phase between these two cam profiles, we simultaneously alter the valve lift and duration.

The two cam profiles are mounted on a DuoCam.  This allows us to continuously control their relative phase without the need for an extra control shaft.

Technology handout

Please download the following PDF summarising the benefits of our FlexValve technology.