Mechadyne's Variable Valvetrain Products

We offer an extensive collection of upgradeable variable valvetrain products. These are important for both current and future engine technology.

Technology Summaries

Please use the links below to download PDF summaries of Mechadyne's core technologies:

Gasoline VLD Diesel VLD Concentric Camshafts

Concentric Camshafts

PICTURE:- An SCP camshaft - This is two camshafts in one, but both are concentric. This enables dual-independent cam phasing in cam-in-block engines. The Dodge Viper VVT system uses this type of camshaft.

  • A cam within a cam
  • Phase adjacent cams
  • OHC or cam-in-block
Concentric camshafts

VVT Cam Phasers

PICTURE:- An end view on a typical twin vane camshaft phaser. This type of phaser has two outputs to control both intake and exhaust phase in a single compact unit.

  • Interface to concentric cams
  • Dual fixed-ratio VVT
  • Dual-independent VVT
Cam phasers

Variable Lift

PICTURE:- An assembled VLD top rocker. This can be used in variable lift, variable duration or secondary lift systems.

  • Variable lift and duration
  • Fixed opening or closing
  • Secondary lift
Variable lift VLD

New Products in the Pipeline ...

  • VVA for heavy duty engines
  • Valve deactivation with VLD
  • VLD for SOHC engines
New Products Section
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