Dodge Viper

Mechadyne technology is used in the Dodge Viper engine

The Dodge Viper is the first vehicle to go into production with Mechadyne’s patented camshaft technology. The 8.4 litre V10 cam-in-block engine uses our patented concentric camshaft technology to improve all aspects of its performance. By changing the phase of the exhaust cams independently to the intakes, engineers at Dodge were able to use the high-performance profiles they wanted without loosing out at idle and low speed.

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The technology explained

Go to our VVA products section and learn more about our camshaft technology that is being used in the 2015 Dodge Viper. Please note the videos that show how this camshaft technology works.
Concentric Camshafts

New York Times

View this article from the New York Times with a good discussion of our cam-within-a-cam technology. The article comments how:
“Accomplishing variable valve timing with a single camshaft is a different matter entirely, because the lobes that lift the valves are locked in relation to each other. Engineers at Dodge, working with the British firm Mechadyne, redesigned the camshaft to create two concentric shafts, one inside the other. The hollow outer tube holds the exhaust lobes while an inner shaft drives the intake lobes.”
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Motor Trend

This article discusses the main features of the new Dodge Viper, commenting:
“That its major tech coup is the addition of variable valve timing. SRT claims this to be the first use of VVT in a high-performance cam-in-block engine.”
View the article from Motor Trend