Our Business

Mechadyne is an IP licensing company developing technologies to improve the efficiency and environmental impact of internal combustion engines.
We identify, develop and licence advanced automotive technologies with a focus on improving engine emissions and fuel economy.

Our Commercial Status

  • One production licence granted.
  • Joint development / option agreements with 2 major Tier 1 suppliers.
  • 10 Core patented technologies.
  • 15 Subsidiary patents.
  • Customer funded applications to 2 of the ¨Big 3¨ in the US.
  • Application projects with 5 OEMs in Europe.
  • Ongoing funded projects and licence negotiations.

Income Generation

We generate our income from exploitation of our portfolio of patented technologies. This is achieved through the following:

  • Application projects.
  • Option fees.
  • Licence fees.
  • Royalties.

The VVA market is already large and is set to expand significantly in the next few years. Our income will increase as this happens…
VVA market information

Initial Business Relationship

In the early stages, Mechadyne is the facilitator, playing an active role and taking systems responsibilty for new ‘proof of concept’ projects.
Our Business

Final Business Relationship

In the later stages, Mechadyne takes a back seat to the Tier 1 supplier.
Final Business Relationship