Valvetrain Technologies

DuoCam, DuoPhase and DuoPhase Link

The most cost effective and reliable solutions for cam phasing on single cam engines

Technical Benefits

  • Reduced NOX emissions
    Via Warm Up (EEVO) and Keep Warm (LIVC) strategies
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
    For exhaust thermal management (compared to a fuel post injection strategy)
  • Miller cycle
    Retarding the cam lobe for just one intake valve of a cylinder pair to give effective variable duration
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Increased torque and power

General Application Benefits

  • Integration
    Retains existing OHC / OHV architectures for simple implementation
  • Reliable
    Mechanical valvetrains that use known and well proven technologies
  • Conventional valvetrain layout
    Low design and manufacturing investment to integrate
  • Low friction
    Conventional roller followers, no additional hydraulic pumping losses
  • Simple Controls
    Same requirements as a conventional hydraulic cam phaser system controlled by the engines ECU
  • Continuously Variable
    Simple calibration. Direct positional feedback for simple, low cost OBD
  • Application
    Suitable for a wide range of engines - Passenger, Commercial, Off-Highway vehicles, Marine and Power Generators
  • Compatible
    Benefit with all fuel types, Gasoline, Diesel, Natural Gas (LNG), Ethanol, Methanol, Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels

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Variable Valvetrain Technologies

A family of modular mechanical variable valvetrains.

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