VLD Lift Curve Families – Animation and Strategies

Browse the many lift curve families that are possible with our VLD system. Please note that we only need to change the cam profile to switch between different families. Click on the images to view the animations.

Conventional Variable Lift Curve Families

Associated Strategies

  • Control of intake valve closing. Good for optimum power and torque, but also for control of effective compression ratio.
  • Control of valve overlap for internal EGR and idle stability.
  • Lift control down to very low lifts for throttle-less operation in gasoline engines.
  • Control of exhaust valve opening to optimise the pumping work required to remove exhaust gasses from the cylinder.

Lift Curve Families – Advanced Secondary Openings

Click on each curve to animate it

Second Lift Benefits

  • Generation of large amounts of internal EGR for fuel advanced combustion strategies.
  • HCCI enabler for the next-generation of clean fuel-economic diesel engines.
  • Reduced pumping work on intake valve open for a further improvement in fuel economy.
  • Combined duration control and second lift may require VLD on intake or exhaust only.