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Please follow these links to other sites and learn more about VVA, valvetrain design, and engine technology.

VVA in marine leisure diesel engines

A review of VVA systems for diesel engines carried out by Jeffrey DenianĀ of Chalmers University of Technology at Volvo Penta, Gothenburg.

Research from Chalmers University of Technology

Powertrain engineering research

IFP is one of our research partners in the European Union Funded NICE programme (New Integrated Combustion System for future Passenger Car Engines). The engines in the NICE programme are using our variable lift system as well as other advanced engine technologies for research into diesel HCCI.
Powertrain engineering at IFP

HCCI Links

Wikipedia entry for HCCI

A good general description of HCCI and where we are today with this technology.
Go to Wikipedia HCCI entry

Research on HCCI from Stanford University

Interesting research results from Stanford University, showing the importance of using VVA for controlling HCCI combustion. There is a collection of papers and some other interesting articles on HCCI research at this site.
Research from Stanford University

An article from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

An interesting artice from Charles Westbrook combustion modelling and the future of HCCI. His discussion concludes by saying:
“Once autoignition in the HCCI engine is effectively controlled, it may well be the engine we use until the fuel cell becomes an economic option.”
Combustion modelling and HCCI

HCCI research at UC Berkeley

General information on HCCI, with a good diagram and reference to papers on HCCI.
HCCI Research at Berkeley

General valve train design and CAD links

Prof Blair has produced some very informative and interesting articles for Race Engine Technology magazine on many aspects of modern valve train and camshaft profile design. Follow the links from his home page and learn why valvetrain design need not be a black art.
Prof. Blair and Associates also supply computer simulations to design internal combustion engines. Their software package, 4stHEAD, is used to design cylinder head components in 4-stroke engines.
interesting articles and engine design software

At Mechadyne we use Solid Edge CAD software for all our design work. Over the years Cutting Edge have consistently helped us deliver the most from this highly capable software package. Their live ‘Webex’ technical support is particularly noteworthy.
Go to Cutting Edge’s website