Research and development

Research and development at Mechadyne

Mechadyne is a highly innovative company and has the facilities and software available to support its engineering projects.


Design capability

Mechadyne’s design capabilities include:

  • Valvetrain optimisation
  • Cylinder head design
  • Camshaft design
  • VVA systems integration

Design tools

  • 3D CAD (CATIA and Solid Edge)
  • FEA Analysis (Ansys)
  • Dynamic Analysis (MSC Dynamic designer and SIM Designer)

In-house software

  • Camshaft profile design (MatLab based)
  • Valve spring optimisation
  • Valve spring surge analysis


Testing capability

  • In-house VVA controller
  • Laser valve motion measurement
  • Cylinder head motored rigs
  • Dirty oil/contamination testing

Test facilities

  • Two test cells
  • Two motored rigs (Cell 1)
  • Valvetrain dynamics and friction rig (Cell 2)

Prototype manufacture

  • In-house machine shop
  • Management of sub-contract part procurement
  • Prototype assembly clean room
  • Inspection room